honest. available. local.

    We are                 We Are                         We are

Whether your heart draws you

 to the city,                          to the country,

or somewhere in between...

Stuart is always AVAILABLE to get you the financing you need to help you realize that dream.

American Mortgage Corporation has been a part of the St. Louis business community for over 20 years.


After graduating from Queens College in New York, Stuart worked for a CPA firm in the banking industry.  He married, had a son, and his life took a different direction.  They moved to the midwest and settled in Chesterfield. Since then Stuart has helped thousands of people realize their dream of owning their own home.  He values honesty and integrity, both in his clients and in himself.  When the bottom fell out of the subprime mortgage industry, Stuart and his clients were not affected because of his HONEST approach to business.  


He doesn't believe in 'selling' someone a mortgage they can't afford.  

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